Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters

Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters

Filternox® Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters are one of the leading water filtration devices in the world. Our Company has been working on environmental technologies since 1986. Since 2004 our technicians have been developing filtration systems allowing us to become specialists on self-cleaning mesh filters.

The feasibility of Filternox® Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters is proved to be higher than nearly all types of filters including sand filters, cyclones, strainers, separators etc.
Some advantages of Filternox® Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters are easy assembly, easy maintenance and low maintenance cost, low back-flush water consumption, low electrical consumption, less space requirement.

Filternox® Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters are completely made of stainless steel filter housing.

Filternox® Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters don’t require use of any pump, blower etc. therefore the use of any additional power supply is not needed. Automatic self-cleaning back flush system is triggered by the pressure difference between inlet and outlet of the filter or either by timer. When the pressure difference reaches the preset value the drainage outlet opens to the atmosphere and the nozzles vacuums the dirt layer from the surface of the mesh. The dirt collected by the nozzles goes through the collector and turbine and makes a rotary movement that makes the nozzles to sweep all the filtration area, finally the dirty water goes off from the drainage.

The high quality 3-layer stainless steel mesh type screen filter element effectively removes solid particles down to 10 micron. The special 3-layer stainless steel screen is capable to remove particles such as sand, silt, algae, mud, etc.

Filternox® Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter has a back-flushing system specially designed to prevent the removal of fine screen if blockage occurs.

Filternox Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters meet many application areas;
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